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Authentic embroidered blouse of very high quality in bohemian style for modern and free ladies. The most wonderful thing about blouses and dresses of "Glo" collection is thin and light natural fabrics out of which collection is made. Embroidery is made in technique of Richelieu (cutwork) which is an excuisite type. It involves outlining areas in a design and building little “bridges” of fabric and woven bars, so that pieces of the linen can be cut away, creating a visual contrast between the linen and the cut away parts of the design. It also often involves some surface ornamentation in whitework embroidery.

Fabric: thinnest 100% linen of perfect quality.

In old times flax was used for lingerie and clothing. Interest in flax is not getting less, but on the contrary, it is growing every year. The secret of such popularity is in the unique hygienic properties of flax, high breathability that allows the skin to breathe freely, and comfort in wearing. Linen fabrics are durable, hygroscopic, does not irritate the skin and do not cause allergic reactions, becomes softer and more pleasant to the body with every washing. 

Flax is a natural antiseptic. The use of linen cloth to prevent a number of diseases as well as flax has antibacterial properties - no fungus or bacteria on it do not live under the linen bandages wounds heal quickly. Linen decreasing gamma radiation almost double, protects against solar radiation. Linen shirt is very good to wear for those who spend a lot of time on the computer.

Flax is a great temperature regulator - in the heat it is giving cooling effect, and in cold weather linen carefully keep your body warm. The presence of even a small amount of flax fibers (10%) eliminates electrostatic charges.

Flax is bearing any washing and even boiling, perfectly retaining its color. Natural Laundry and white linen products is permitted to wash up to 90 degrees. But embroidered items of flax should be washed on low temperatures and its preferable hand washing.

It is better to dry linen outdoors. After such drying linen products do not have wrinkles and smell fresh. Ironing linen products recommended slightly wet and from inside, it will keep embroidery.

Buy and use products of flax. It is very useful and incredibly beautiful! With proper care, they will last you a long time and maintain the health of your family!

Sizes: XS-L2

Size chart see below:

Size        US size        EU size   Ukrainian              Size                               Inches                           Centimetres
            Bust           Waist             Hips             Bust           Waist              Hips
XS 2 34 40 31,5 24,0 34,5 80 61 88
S1 4 36 42 33,0 25,5 36,0 84 65 92
S2 6 38 44 34,5 27,0 38,0 88 68 96
M1 8 40 46 36,0 29,0 39,0 92 74 100
M2 10 42 48 38,0 31,0 41,0 96 78 104
L1 12 44 50 39,0 32,0 42,5 100 82 108
L2 14 46 52 41,0 33,5 44,0 104 85 112
XL1 16 48 54 42,5 34,5 45,5 108 88 116
XL2 18 50 56 44,0 36,0 47,0 112 92 120
XXL 20 52 58 45,5 38,0 49,0 116 97 124
XXXL 22 54 60 48,0 40,0 51,5 120 100 128

Dear customers,

for making order please provide us with your measurements:

  • Circumference of bust, waist and hips
  • or the size You need as per our size chart

Term of custom making is upto 15 days.

Shipping is done directly from Ukraine and goods are getting delivered approximately within 15 working days.

Feel free to contact us and ask Your questions if You have such.

Thank You for viewing our product! Have a wonderful day!! :)

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